6 Essential Oils You Can Use To Make Homemade Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaners might work most of the time, but they aren’t the only way to clean your home. Are you looking for a natural alternative to store-bought products? Try using these essential oils instead. At Bright Touch Cleaning, we offer personalized services to cover your cleaning needs! Get a quote now.

A Complete Guide To Descale (And Unclog!) Your Shower Head Using Vinegar

It may be surprising to realize the solution to clean your shower head was in your pantry this whole time. That’s right! Vinegar is the best household product to get rid of limescale, and here you’ll learn how to clean your shower head with it. How to clean your shower head without detaching it This […]

7 Helpful Tips To Teach Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Having your children clean their rooms can teach them responsibility, cleanliness, and other values. However, getting your kids to do those chores is easier said than done. So, if you’re struggling with getting your children to clean their rooms, try these seven helpful tips! Tip #1. Set up a cleaning routine Setting a cleaning routine […]

3 Easy Ways To Clean Your Bathroom Tiles (No Scrubbing!)

Besides being durable and giving your bathroom a fantastic look, tiles are really convenient to clean. Their smooth surface makes tiles easier to scrub and take out the stains. However, scrubbing can wear tiles down in the long run, causing them to lose their shine. Likewise, a long scrubbing session can also wear your arms […]

Cleaning 101: 6 Clever Tips To Tidy Up Your Cleaning Stash

Cleaning can become a bit of a hassle if you don’t have your cleaning supplies at hand. Luckily, organizing your cleaning stash will spare you any trouble. Tidy up your tools with these five ideas! Bright Touch Cleaning is your best choice for trusty cleaning services in Montgomery County! Request your free quote now!

How To Eliminate Foul Odors In Your Trash Cans

Bad smells in a trash can are entirely normal. The problem is when those foul odors start seeping into the kitchen and nearby areas. They can quickly ruin an otherwise delicious meal or disrupt family time in the living room! Even worse, foul odors can linger in your bin and spread out, even after taking […]

4 Quick Methods To Disinfect Your Kitchen Sponge

Kitchen sponges are one of the most used cleaning items in any house—if not the most used. Day after day, they serve their cleaning purpose but rarely get cleaned, as they are seldom considered in the house chores. It can seem odd at first, but kitchen sponges can become one of the items with the […]

5 Unusual Cleaning Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Most homeowners think they have all the cleaning supplies they need, not knowing about some game-changing utensils. Are you looking to improve your home cleaning? Here are five unexpected cleaning tools to help you with the chores. Let Bright Touch Cleaning take over your household chores. Learn more here!

How To Mop Your Floors And Avoid Sticky Residue

Making space in your schedule to mop your floor isn’t easy. Of course, after you finish cleaning it, you expect to see a spotless surface, so it’s a bummer when you realize it’s sticky and dull. What went wrong? You didn’t do a lousy job, but there’s a detail you are overlooking. The good news […]