How To Wash Microfiber Cloths Without Ruining Them

Microfiber cloths are delicate, and ruining them can be as easy as using them. However, they also get dirty in no time. So, knowing how to wash microfiber cloths correctly is crucial to keep them in good condition. 

Don’t worry; here is a practical guide for cleaning your microfiber cloths without damaging them!

How to wash your microfiber cloths in the washing machine

While hand-washing microfiber cloths may seem like the safest method, a washing machine will give you the best results, saving time and effort—especially if you have many rags that need washing. 

Follow these simple steps:

Step #1. Separate the cloths

To wash the cloths in a washing machine, you first need to separate them. Doing a load just for them is the best way to spare your clothes from catching dirt from your chores—this will also help the cloths avoid getting even more dust or fluff from the other fabrics.

Step #2. Shake off the cloths

If your cloths have a lot of dirt and crumbs, shake them over a trash can before putting them in the washing machine—this will make the washing process smoother!

Step #3. Pre-treat stains

If your microfiber cloths have stains, you can remove them by taking a little extra step before you throw them in the washing machine.

Pour a little detergent directly on the stains before taking further steps, then rub the spot with your fingers. If the dirt is too set in the microfiber, you can leave the rag in a bucket filled with water before washing. That’s it!

Step #4. Prepare the washing cycle

When preparing your load, use only ½ of the usual amount of detergent you use—unscented detergent is less harsh than regular laundry detergents, so it works better for microfiber. Don’t use fabric softener, as it can clog the spaces between fibers. Also, avoid bleach to prevent the chemicals from wearing down the fabric.

Then, on the washing machine settings, select cold water. However, if the cloths are too dirty, tepid water will work best for the washing cycle—never use hot water! The heat could melt the plastic fibers and render your rags useless. 

Can I use vinegar to wash microfiber cloths?

Sometimes detergent alone is not enough to eliminate foul smells on the cloths. So, if the fabric is impregnated with odors from the things you wipe, switch the laundry detergent to one tablespoon of white vinegar. The vinegar won’t damage the microfiber and will leave the rags clean and smelling fresh.

Step #5. Air-dry the cloths

Once the washing machine is done, all you have to do is air-dry the cloths. Don’t put them in the dryer to avoid ruining them—remember that microfiber and heat don’t mix well! 

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