How To Mop Your Floors And Avoid Sticky Residue

Making space in your schedule to mop your floor isn’t easy. Of course, after you finish cleaning it, you expect to see a spotless surface, so it’s a bummer when you realize it’s sticky and dull.

What went wrong? You didn’t do a lousy job, but there’s a detail you are overlooking. The good news is that a sticky floor is easy to fix! 

Why is the floor sticky after mopping?

A variety of reasons can cause your floor to have sticky residue at the end of your mopping session. These are the most common ones; don’t overlook them.

Reason #1. Wrong cleaning solution

Did you recently move to a new house? Have you changed your floor? Different types of floors need different floor cleaners. So, if you are using the incorrect solution to mop, it can result in a sticky surface.

If possible, ask the manufacturer which cleaner is better suited for your floor. Otherwise, read the instructions on the bottle to learn if that specific solution works for your house.

Reason #2. Excessive cleaning solution

Sometimes, less is better. Using a large amount of floor cleaner doesn’t mean the floor will be spotless. On the contrary, the surface might end up streaky or sticky.

The vast majority of products have instructions to dilute the cleaning liquid. If you are not sure, start with a 10/1 ratio.

Reason #3. Dirty water

If your floor is dirtier than usual, the water in the bucket will get dirty in no time. Mopping under this condition will make the floors sticky after drying. Replace the water often, or you’ll be dragging the dirt throughout the floor. 

How to clean sticky floors?

Knowing the causes to prevent your floor from getting sticky is a clever solution. But when your flooring is already sticky, you need another set of fixes.

1. Make sure to use the correct solution

There are a few DIY cleaning solutions for different types of floors you can prepare from the comfort of your home. Just have at hand a bucket of warm water for all cases. Besides, you’ll find many ready-to-use products for your type of floor at the store.

2. Mopping the right way

Once ready, get a clean mop, dip it in the solution, and wring the excess off. Walk backward as you mop to avoid staining the spots you already cleaned. To ensure an evenly clean surface, don’t forget to rinse your mop after every few strokes.

Check carefully for sticky spots. You can wet the mop a little more for those and make a medium-strength scrub motion to get rid of them.

If necessary, replace the solution to avoid mopping with dirty water.

3. Rinsing the floor

Last but not least, make sure not to let any cleaning solution dry on the floor. Grab a new mop bucket (or rinse the one you used) and fill it with clean water. Damp the mop and rinse everywhere you mop earlier. After finishing, let it dry as usual.

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