6 Essential Oils You Can Use To Make Homemade Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaners might work most of the time, but they aren’t the only way to clean your home. Are you looking for a natural alternative to store-bought products? Try using these essential oils instead. At Bright Touch Cleaning, we offer personalized services to cover your cleaning needs! Get a quote now.

A Complete Guide To Descale (And Unclog!) Your Shower Head Using Vinegar

It may be surprising to realize the solution to clean your shower head was in your pantry this whole time. That’s right! Vinegar is the best household product to get rid of limescale, and here you’ll learn how to clean your shower head with it. How to clean your shower head without detaching it This […]

6 Signs You Should Deep Clean Your Home

Some issues can only be fixed by deep cleaning your home. If you keep noticing the following signs after a light cleaning, then it’s time for a more thorough session. Delivering quality cleaning services since 1987, Bright Touch Cleaning is your best option. Get your free quote now!

7 Helpful Tips To Teach Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Having your children clean their rooms can teach them responsibility, cleanliness, and other values. However, getting your kids to do those chores is easier said than done. So, if you’re struggling with getting your children to clean their rooms, try these seven helpful tips! Tip #1. Set up a cleaning routine Setting a cleaning routine […]

5 Cleaning Products Combinations You Didn’t Know Were Bad

You may not give it too much thought, but cleaning chemicals are dangerous substances you need to use cautiously. Stay safe and avoid these five homemade cleaning solutions. We take care of you by leaving your house as clean as can be. Choose Bright Touch Cleaning!

How To Wash Microfiber Cloths Without Ruining Them

Microfiber cloths are delicate, and ruining them can be as easy as using them. However, they also get dirty in no time. So, knowing how to wash microfiber cloths correctly is crucial to keep them in good condition.  Don’t worry; here is a practical guide for cleaning your microfiber cloths without damaging them! How to […]

5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Washing Your Clothes

Your clothes are how you present yourself to the world, so they should always be at their best. However, not washing your clothes properly can damage them easily. Check out these laundry mistakes and avoid them! Do you need help with the chores? Bright Touch Cleaning is your best choice. Schedule your cleaning today!

3 Easy Ways To Clean Your Bathroom Tiles (No Scrubbing!)

Besides being durable and giving your bathroom a fantastic look, tiles are really convenient to clean. Their smooth surface makes tiles easier to scrub and take out the stains. However, scrubbing can wear tiles down in the long run, causing them to lose their shine. Likewise, a long scrubbing session can also wear your arms […]

6 Awful Things That Happen When You Don’t Clean Your Home

Skipping cleaning tasks altogether may sound pretty fascinating. Although you can do it, you have to be careful with how much time you neglect house cleaning. Check out what could happen if you skip chores for too long! Enjoy your free time while Bright Touch Cleaning tackles your chores. Check out our services!

Natural Fresheners To Remove Foul Odors In Your Home

Even if your home looks the cleanest it can be, bad smells give it a sense of poor hygiene and can make it uncomfortable to be in. The bad thing is that your nose can gradually get accustomed to the bad odors and not notice them anymore. It’s not like anybody would stink their house […]