7 Helpful Tips To Teach Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Having your children clean their rooms can teach them responsibility, cleanliness, and other values. However, getting your kids to do those chores is easier said than done.

So, if you’re struggling with getting your children to clean their rooms, try these seven helpful tips!

Tip #1. Set up a cleaning routine

Setting a cleaning routine for your kids will save everyone a lot of trouble! This way—since your kids will know when they’re supposed to do their tasks—you can avoid arguments and temper tantrums.

The process is pretty simple: schedule the cleanings in a calendar and be consistent about it—if your kids learn they can skip chores, getting them to clean will be more challenging. Also, you can remind them 10 minutes before cleaning time to prepare them for the task ahead. 

Tip #2. Have them take one task at a time

Your children don’t have to do all the cleaning in one go! If you don’t want to overwork them and make them dread cleaning, set your kids up to do one task at a time. For example, have your kids make their beds every morning, store their toys every other day, and sweep once a week.

Tip #3. Help your kids, but don’t clean for them

Lending your children a hand the first time they tackle a chore is not wrong. Quite the contrary, the task will seem less daunting with your help, making it easier for them to keep going on their own.

However, it doesn’t mean you should do everything for them. A small bit of help should only get them on track.

Tip #4. Consider age-appropriate tasks

Giving your children tasks they cannot accomplish will make them feel unmotivated. So, a crucial part of easing your kids into cleaning chores is to learn which are their age-appropriate tasks.

For example, your younger kids probably can’t reach high places to dust, but they can fold laundry and make their beds. On the other hand, older children can take care of things like sweeping and mopping.

Tip #5. Give praises and prizes

Giving your kids something to look forward to will keep them interested and make them look at their chores in a more positive light.

Something as simple as a small prize—like a sticker or more TV time—or praising your children after they finish cleaning will go a long way to keep them motivated. 

Tip #6. Set consequences

If you think discipline will work best for your children, you can set the consequences for when they don’t do their chores. 

It doesn’t even have to be something too harsh. Not allowing your kids to watch TV or withhold playtime until they clean can do the trick.

Tip #7. Make chores fun

Make a simple game out of the chores to keep kids entertained! Doing so will help them feel less bored during their tasks, and they’ll be less likely to drop tasks midway.

One example could be having your kids race and see how fast they can store their toys. Another cleaning game can be having them throw their dirty clothes in a laundry basket from afar—get creative with these chores!

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